Strengthening the capacity of the National Assembly of Armenia to further support CEPA oversight and implementation

Component 1

Component 1 (Mandatory Result 1): Enhanced institutional structures, systems and tools for efficient work of the National Assembly

MS Component Leader 1: Dr. Vasilios Svolopoulos, Technical Advisor & Head of the Hellenic Parliament European Programs Innovation Unit (EPIS)
BC Component Leader 1: Mr. Koryun Sargsyan, Expert, Standing Committee on European Integration of the National Assembly of the Republic Armenia

Component 1 addresses the National Assembly of Armenia (NA)’s need to improve its working systems and staff capacity in order to provide more competent, participatory and transparent representation. With reference to legislative, oversight and representation functions, it shall identify positive practices worth building upon, and propose other improvements, including on specific EU-related aspects necessary to fulfill approximation obligations under CEPA. All activities aimed at achieving sub-results should contribute towards the overall outcome-level indicators, meant to allow final evaluation of the Twinning intervention.

  • Sub-result 1.1: Improved forward planning of parliamentary work as well as NA’s institutional development, including focus on CEPA implementation. As a basis for further work, the sub-result shall strengthen NA systems for the planning of parliamentary work and of its internal institutional development. As to the former, the enhancement of forward work planning based on constant consultations with Government is a main objective, for which CEPA items are a good start due to NA’s participation in the Roadmap monitoring mechanism. As to the latter, the NA will need to follow-up to the current re-structuring by implementing new self-assessments, for which a further methodological support shall be provided.
  • Sub-result 1.2: Structured analytical techniques for the core NA functions (legislative, oversight, representation) enhanced The main purpose of this sub-result is to enhance and modernise the stock of analytical tools available for performance of the core NA functions as well as to induct the MPs and relevant staff of the SCs, factions and NA into the theory and practice of techniques. This sub-result will thus cover putting in place new or revising existing analytical techniques before and after the pilot conducted through Component 2. Oversight of executive action is the function of the NA that the new Constitution stresses the most and therefore should be the priority focus of the project in developing and providing methodological guidance. This potentially embraces all angles: oversight of planning instruments, implementation of legislation, as well as of administrative action, specifically with regard to managing and utilizing international development assistance. The sub-result shall assist in structuring relevant practices for piloting in relation to the CEPA Implementation Roadmap and the selected CEPA-related reforms. The quality of analysis supporting the legislative function needs enhancing. The NA’s role implies taking a more active role in developing amendments and contributing with policy inputs in processing Government sponsored laws (including the annual budget). This requires going beyond checking consistency with the Constitution and existing legislation and acquire the ability to review or formulate impact assessments and costing, and to analyse consistency with accepted European values or, where CEPA requires, options for gradual approximation to the EU acquis. The NA is developing its representation function to foster a culture of openness towards citizens and encourage active participation of civil society in its work. To this effect, challenges include a more systematic analysis of constituents’ submissions, effective use of parliamentary diplomacy and in particular, an increasing interest for holding public hearings of different types, which allow the NA to draw on a wider range of opinions and expertise for advancing key CEPA-inspired reforms. Tools and practices used to perform representation function, in particular in organising public hearings shall be enhanced or introduced where necessary.
  • Sub-result 1.3: Increased awareness of the NA of EU matters and CEPA The sub-result shall contribute to building the knowledge of the partisan and NA staff and MPs on the matters related to European affairs (e.g. EU institutions, EU decision-making, EU acquis, etc.) and CEPA. It will cover development of the working discussions and training courses based on the training needs assessment and their delivery. The training courses developed through this activity will be packaged into a Training curriculum, which will be integrated into regular activities of the Training centre once it is established within the NA.

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«Այս կայքը ստեղծվել և պահպանվում է Եվրոպական միության ֆինանսական աջակցությամբ: Բովանդակության համար պատասխանատվություն է կրում «Հայաստանի Ազգային ժողովի կարողությունների ուժեղացում՝ ՀԸԳՀ վերահսկողության և իրականացման հետագա աջակցության նպատակով» ծրագիրը և պարտադիր չէ, որ այն արտահայտի Եվրոպական միության տեսակետները»